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Frequently asked Questions on Crypto Airdrops

A cryptocurrency airdrop is an initiative by a crypto project to distribute free coins or tokens to the community to gain exposure for the project they are working on.

These projects give away a small amount of coins or tokens worth a couple of dollars each to community members. Some projects require you only to sign up on their website. Others require you to do more actions such as following them on twitter or telegram or ask you to retweet their messages.

In some forms of airdrops the project turns doing these actions into a contest which only gives you a chance of getting free tokens or coins.


There are over 2000 different cryptocurrency. It is hard for smaller coins or tokens to stand out compared to the larger projects. Because of this they often give away a small percentage of their coins to the community to gain exposure. These are often small amounts worth  1 to 10$. The price of these coins can become a lot more when the coin gains popularity.

This totally depends on the type of airdrop. Each project comes up with their own way of sharing coins or tokens with the community. Sometimes signing up on their website, mailing list or telegram channel is enough. Others have created contests where you can gain coins every day by doing tasks like sharing information on social media, or following them on twitter.

Airdrops who ask for private keys, passwords, pincodes or other secret information should NOT be trusted. We check all airdrops we list on this page. If you are in doubt if anything is not safe please contact us and we will check again. the rule of common sense is often right: “If it sounds to good to be true it probably is!” To be safe never use the same password when signing up for an airdrop compared with passwords that you also use on exchanges or other crypto related websites.

All airdrops listed on nextairdrop.com are checked to not be scams or fakes. Always pay attention when you have to send information to airdrop projects. Airdrop projects should NEVER ask for passwords, private keys, pin codes or other secrets. Some airdrops do ask for your PUBLIC ETH address because they are Ethereum based tokens which they have to send to a existing ethereum wallet. Only giving the ETH address to someone does not give them access to retrieve tokens from it, only depositing to it.

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